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We are honored you are considering us for your family's dental needs and look forward to welcoming you to Warm Springs Dental. Our commitment to excellence and gentle dentistry allows our patients to have the comfortable, beautiful smiles they deserve!
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  • Amazing. Beautiful building, terrific staff. Totally happy.
    - Karis E.
  • Wonderful as always. Great cleaning, friendly staff. Makes going to the dentist a much more pleasant experience.
    - Todd K.
  • Dr. Bryan Euzent and everyone at this office are fantastic! My 7 year old daughter broke her permanent front tooth over the weekend and we got in first thing Monday morning. She had a great experience!
    - Natalie C.
  • I really appreciate everyone at Warm Springs Dental. By far the best group of dental professionals I've experienced.
    - Troy J.
  • After seeing Warm Springs Dental featured in Portland Monthly's best doctors edition I made an appointment. They have Pandora available for distraction and consistently checked in to make sure I was comfortable.
    - Lex O.
Warm Springs Dental | Trail Blazers
The Doctors at Warm Springs Dental are the
Official Team Dentists of the Portland Trail Blazers!
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Crowns, Bridges, and CEREC®

Teeth have a tough job making sure we can eat a healthy diet of foods we love. Sometimes teeth sustain damage that requires treatment in order to prolong their life. 

Both Dr. Euzent and Dr. Ellis are experts when it comes to the creation of all types of dental restorations. Because of their extensive experience and great attention to detail, you can count on great results every time. They are gentle and make sure you are always comfortable during treatment.

CEREC® Restorative Dental Technology

CEREC® restoration dentistry utilizes CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacture) technology to digitally create your restoration right in our office in a single visit.

We use a high-tech scanning wand to capture the intricate details of your prepared tooth, digitally design your restoration, and transfer it to our in-office milling machine where we create your crown, inlay, or onlay.

The all-ceramic restorations produced with CEREC® are color matched to your tooth and aid in restoring your tooth to its natural strength, beauty, and function. While CEREC® restorations are not utilized for every tooth we treat, it does provide a convenient alternative for many patients.

Durable, Customized Dental Crowns

When you crack a tooth or suffer from deep dental decay, a dental crown, sometimes called a cap, can extend the life of your tooth by protecting it when you chew. It completely covers your remaining tooth structure, adding support and stability.

We design each dental crown based on your needs, ensuring that it fits properly. With proven, modern materials, we are able to fabricate crowns to look beautiful without the unsightly black, gray, or gold discoloration at the gumline sometimes seen with older materials. 

Inlays, Onlays, and Partial Crowns

We offer our patients conservative treatment options. 

If you have enough healthy tooth structure remaining, we may be able to create a restoration that leaves it intact while protecting the damaged or broken areas. Inlays cover the part of the chewing surface of your tooth between the cusps while an onlay will cover any compromised cusps of your tooth. A partial crown will cover the entire biting surface of a tooth while leaving the healthy sides of the tooth intact.

Conserving your natural tooth structure with these strong and esthetic restorations is one of the many ways Dr. Ellis and Dr. Euzent work with you to keep your smile healthy. 

Dental Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth

A missing tooth can make you feel self-conscious and negatively impact your oral health. If you have a gap in your smile, it leaves room for your remaining teeth to shift. Shifting or tilting may expose roots and cause malocclusion (teeth that do not come together properly).

A bridge replaces your missing tooth by anchoring an artificial tooth between two healthy teeth. Custom crowns on the teeth adjacent to the gap in your smile permanently secure your artificial tooth in place. Like crowns, we design bridges to blend in with your smile.

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If you have dental pain or a damaged tooth, contact us to set up an appointment with Dr. Bryan or Dr. Jess. We welcome new patients and look forward to helping you achieve a comfortable, healthy smile.