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We are honored you are considering us for your family's dental needs and look forward to welcoming you to Warm Springs Dental. Our commitment to excellence and gentle dentistry allows our patients to have the comfortable, beautiful smiles they deserve!
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  • Amazing. Beautiful building, terrific staff. Totally happy.
    - Karis E.
  • Wonderful as always. Great cleaning, friendly staff. Makes going to the dentist a much more pleasant experience.
    - Todd K.
  • Dr. Bryan Euzent and everyone at this office are fantastic! My 7 year old daughter broke her permanent front tooth over the weekend and we got in first thing Monday morning. She had a great experience!
    - Natalie C.
  • I really appreciate everyone at Warm Springs Dental. By far the best group of dental professionals I've experienced.
    - Troy J.
  • After seeing Warm Springs Dental featured in Portland Monthly's best doctors edition I made an appointment. They have Pandora available for distraction and consistently checked in to make sure I was comfortable.
    - Lex O.
Warm Springs Dental | Trail Blazers
The Doctors at Warm Springs Dental are the
Official Team Dentists of the Portland Trail Blazers!
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Smile Gallery

Our smile gallery showcases some of our patients' before-and-after results. As you can see, just about anything is possible with modern dentistry.

Take a moment to browse through our patient cases and discover the possibilities when it comes to beautiful smiles.
LeeAnn M.
LeeAnn was unsatisfied with the esthetics of her smile. Her natural teeth and existing restorations had evolved into multiple shades and sizes over time. She was no longer excited to show them off with her smile.With her full mouth smile makeover w...[Read More]
Jon M
Jon's treatment was multifaceted. From dental implants to veneers, to porcelain crowns. We opened his collapsed and severely worn bite to make space for long lasting, lifelike, natural looking teeth. Like so many others, Jon was an expert at hiding h...[Read More]
Emily C
We worked with Emily to address her worn teeth and unbalance bite that had gradually worsened from clenching and grinding while she slept. We were able to re-establish more youthful tooth length and shape while correcting her occlusion and improving...[Read More]
Noel J.
Noel received six veneers after his old composite restorations began discoloring and breaking down. Masking the tetracycline stain of his underlying natural teeth gave him this very nice result!
Dave H.
Dave came to us with multiple missing, broken and failing teeth. The old, fractured bridge and now missing tooth made him hide his smile. Many treatment options were available for Dave and together we decided on an all implant supported bridge.We...[Read More]
Nick H.
For Nick, we placed 8 veneers, 1 small composite and whitened his teeth. We re-establish proper chewing function and performed an occlusal equilibration with the T-scan digital bite force analysis system. Nick reports his bite feels more stable than...[Read More]
Joel A.
Joel's bite and the space between his front teeth were first improved with invisalign. 4 porcelain veneers were then placed to completely close the space and improve the shape of his upper incisors.