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Root Canals and Tooth Extractions

Our dentists, Dr. Euzent and Dr. Ellis, strive to save your natural teeth, whenever possible. Our teeth, however, are susceptible to a number of conditions that can lead to a dental extraction. Deep decay, trauma, infection, and a poor bite all put teeth at risk.

We will always make every effort to save your natural teeth, and we and have years of experience protecting patients’ smiles.

Root Canal Therapy

Untreated deep decay, periodontal disease, and general infection may cause your tooth to become symptomatic. Pain, swelling, discoloration, or extreme sensitivity are all indicators of a dental condition that requires immediate attention.

Postponing treatment can lead to a dental emergency and ultimately result in tooth loss. 

Often, the best way to treat a tooth infection is root canal therapy. Many patients fear root canals because they associate them with pain, when in actuality, root canals relieve symptoms and can offer a solution to save your tooth and get you out of pain. Our dentists are gentle and will always make sure your tooth is numb before beginning any type of dental procedure.

A root canal removes all the diseased tissue, the damaged nerve, and the infection-causing bacteria inside your tooth. To accomplish this, a small access point in the chewing surface of your tooth to is made and then precision instruments are used to clean out your canal. Once disinfected, your tooth is filled with a rubbery substance, called gutta percha, and a final restoration is placed to seal out any bacteria from the canal. 

Once we complete treatment, your tooth will start to feel better. We may recommend a dental crown post-treatment to add extra support and prolong the life of your tooth.

Dental Extractions

Occasionally, in spite of our best efforts, the best way to protect your oral health is to remove a troubled tooth. If your tooth structure is compromised beyond repair, removing your tooth can relieve pain and allow us to recommend a tooth-replacement option that will restore your chewing surface and your smile.

Some conditions that may require a dental extraction to resolve include:

  • Extensive decay
  • Infection
  • A tooth broken at the gumline
  • A split tooth/fractured root

We will begin treatment by completely numbing the area surrounding your damaged tooth and perform the extraction quickly and painlessly.

Our dentists have performed hundreds of successful extractions for our patients. We use 3-D cone beam imaging to precisely plan your procedure, making the entire process smooth and predictable.

We are also supportive during your recovery and will follow up to ensure that you heal in a timely fashion.

With the opportunity to plan your extraction, we can simultaneously determine which tooth-replacement option will work best for you before we even remove your tooth.

Are You Experiencing Tooth Pain?

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