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Smile Gallery: Teeth Whitening

Our smile gallery showcases some of our patients' before-and-after results. As you can see, just about anything is possible with modern dentistry.

Take a moment to browse through our patient cases and discover the possibilities when it comes to beautiful smiles.
Gina J.
Gina came to us with an unfortunate history of failing dental work. Through careful investigation and diagnosis we developed a plan to restore her beautiful smile. We addressed and remedied the bite discrepancies and force imbalances that were contri ... [Read More]
Julieta has a very unique situation. She is not missing any teeth but had significant spacing between her back teeth. She underwent orthodontic treatment to align her teeth more ideally, then had dental implants placed to fill the large spaces in the ... [Read More]
Nick H.
For Nick, we placed 8 veneers, 1 small composite and whitened his teeth. We re-establish proper chewing function and performed an occlusal equilibration with the T-scan digital bite force analysis system. Nick reports his bite feels more stable than ... [Read More]
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